Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Potluck Lunch Meeting 16th October 2011

Dear Friends,
Here are the pics of one of the most rocking potluck meets we had!!!!
There was tonnes of food (yummyy!), the perfect most amazing host ever Saroj Choudhury (dont have words to describe Saroj's generosity!!), all the fabulous vegans who wore white in solidarity with the animals who suffer everyday (we all rock!).
Highlights in food (in my opinion) were the masala milk (with abundance of kesar and dry fruits), almond & brown rice curd chaat and curd (superb)!!
Enjoy the visible camaraderie in the pics :)
Thanks & Regards

Vegan Diwali Sweets!

Vegan Bites.............Enjoy Diwali with vegan Sweets!
Vegan Bites .......taking orders for different kind of Ladoos for Diwali. If interested, please let us know.
Prices per kg. are as follows:
Peanut Ladoos - 350
Mixed Nut Ladoos - 350
Crushed Peanut Ladoos - 400
Coconut Ladoos - 400
Til Ladoos - 400

Vegan Bites
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