Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turmeric and Amba- Turmeric Pickle

I love this pickle.It is made of raw turmeric and raw Amba- Turmeric. In local language it is called Haldi and Amba-Haldi. Haldi is yellow in colour. Amba Haldi is white in colour. Both are underground vegetables. Turmeric is the famous yellow spice that we use a lot in Indian cooking as powder. In winter time, we get fresh, raw haldi and amba-haldi. I wash it thoroughly. Dry for a short time, like an hour. Then , I cut it into round pieces. You can cut into long shreds also.Then I add Lemon or lime juice and some salt. Now, I refrigerate this in a glass bottle. Refrigeration is not a must. After 3 days, the roots are softer and we can eat as pickle. It is very good to take in the beginning of meal. It is good for digestion, improves skin and purifies blood. Good as detox. Use whole winter while it is available fresh. Helpful in diabetes and those who may have higher cholesterol.

Aamla - Gooseberry Juice

Now in winter time, we get lots of Aamla. Also called as Aavala or Indian Gooseberry. It is very sour and very rich in Vitamin C. Botanical name is Phyllanthus emblica (syn. Emblica officinalis). I make juice of one Aamla Daily. It has anti-aging properties according to Ayurveda. Also useful in diabetes. Make use of this fruit optimum in the season. The famous chyavanprash preparation of Ayurveda is also made from Aamla.