Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Red Rice Poha Salad

Red Rice Poha Salad
Wash the red rice poha. Add small chopped vegetables of your choice – I used tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, capsicum, purple cabbage, finely chopped corriander, grated fresh coconut.Flavour with salt (or black salt), lemon juice, grated ginger, minced chillies.If desired temper with mustard seeds, curry leaves and hing (asafoetida)Mix, taste and adjust the ingredients and serve.
Recipe by Dr. Nandita Shah

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dr. Lorraine Day's ten rules for health

Dr. Lorraine Day is an orthopaedic surgeon. Ten rules are the essence of Dr Lorraine Day’s technique of reversing her breast cancer with no medicines or surgery.Our body is meant to heal according to nature and all the necessities for healing are free except food.
Here are the ten rules to follow in our life.
1.Eat organic vegan diet
3.Drink plenty of water
4.Outdoor air
5.Direct sunshine
7.Forgiveness and no Resentment
8.Trust in God
9.Attitude of gratitude
Her website is http://www.drday.com/. Here you will be able to read more about her life, books and videos.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Update on Potluck lunch July2009

Another very inspiring meeting for all the participants! Dr. Nandita Shah was present for this meeting. The meeting started with a cooking demo by Mrs. Lakshmi Giriraj. She showed us the entire procedure for the Coconut Kheer. She showed us the exact measurements for all the ingredients, cooking time and also the way to make almond milk and coconut milk. This was followed by the demo of how to make Green smoothie by Dr. Rupa Shah. This was a very simple but tasty and healthy raw recipe. Everyone got to taste the green smoothie made from Banana, Papaya, coriander and spinach leaves. Sure it was all dark green colour, full of fibre and very tasty. This was followed by lunch. All the participants brought very yummy dishes. After lunch, Dr. Nandita showed Dr. Lorraine Day's video. The video was so inspiring that many people were just in awe of the whole presentation! This was followed by a small talk by Vishal Bhardwaj, who is eating a lot of raw food and has helped himself of ill health. There were many interesting questions Vishal had to answer....a good inspiration for many of us who are thinking of increasing raw food in diet. Library project is taking off soon. We will keep you updated on this. Here are some pictures of the food....in small video film. I could not take all the pictures, as I was busy with the Green Smoothie demo.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tofu made at home!

Here is the picture of Tofu I made at home from Soy Milk. I wanted to see, how easy it is to make at home. First I made soy milk as usual at home. I boiled it for 20 minutes. Towards the end, I added 1 cup of Soy Yogurt to the milk, and let it continue to boil. Soon, in just two minutes, Tofu separated from the milk. I strained it. Only clear water was left behind. To this strained Tofu, I put weight on the top for 30 minutes. Now it is a bit firm and ready to make pieces. I can refrigerate the pieces like any other Tofu that we get in the market. or I can make Tofu Paratha or may be Tofu cutlet! Tofu is a very good replacement for Paneer made from dairy.
Contributed by Rupa Shah