Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two Kites Rescued

Rahul is a co founder of Green and also a Mumbai Vegan who is working very actively towards animal rescue. Recently he rescued two kites. Kites were injured. Now they are at Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Here are the pictures. Thank you Rahul . You are very inspiring.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Summary of Mumbai Talks of Dr.Nandita Shah

SHARAN had a series of its pathbreaking talks and workshops in Mumbai recently, by its Founder Director Dr.Nandita Shah. Starting from 20th of September till 3rd of October 2010, these talks were held in a wide-variety of places with a vast spectrum of audience. They were organised with the help of Sharan volunteers Mr. Ashit Sheth and his wife Rima, both of whom had benefitted immensely themselves through these workshops, turning them into lifelong loyalists. Organised in places like the BMC, Indian Merchants Chambers, Rotary Club, Bombay Chartered Accountants Society, Senior Citizens Clubs, corporates like Human Factors, colleges like Sophia Polytechnic, schools including BJPC, Gopal Sharma Intl, etc., the talks were very well received and highly appreciated! There were also highly specialized one-day workshops specifically for people suffering from Diabetes and Heart Disease, which resulted in many participants adopting lifestyle changes for disease-free living.
The facts presented in these workshops astounded laymen and doctors alike. And the mantra for all this was simply - a whole food, plant based diet! In addition, organic food was also recommended. Audience of all age-groups seemed clearly impacted as they eagerly asked a plethora of relevant questions and gave very positive feedback. All in all it was a successful fortnight of awareness creation by Sharan.
Summary written by Monika Mehta

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Diwali Vegan Laddus

Nutritious Vegan Laddus-
Recipe by Dr (Mrs) Mrinal Joshi-Mumbai,
Ingredients (for 8-10 small laddus)-
• ½ katori (small bowl) roasted gram dal (dalia) • ½ katori ( small Bowl) roasted sesame seeds (til) • ½ katori ( Small Bowl) roasted ground nut seeds (singdana) • 30-35 deseeded dates , finely chopped • Some cardamom powder, • Some Jaifal ( Nutmeg) powder • Optional-dry figs finely chopped.

Preparation- 1) grind sesame seeds, gram dal and groundnut seeds in to powder. 2)Mix all the above ingredients in a big bowl or plate thoroughly and make a dough .If required add more dates ,prepare small laddus from the above mixture. 3) Decorate with Cashew nut pieces and or grated dry coconut. These laddus can last for 10-15 days. If you want to consume immediately, you can use grated tender coconut as well.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dwiali Vegan Delights!

The first time,

Diwali VEGAN Delight’s

A range of Healthy DIWALI sweets.

Dairy free & refined sugar free

Goan Vegan Apple & Peach Melba

Kashmiri Delicious Vegan Oat Nectar Porridge

Uttar Pradeshi Vegan Nankhatai

Rajasthani Vegan Dal Churma

Maharashtrian Vegan Chivada

Sindhi Vegan Toshe

Rajasthani Vegan Dal Bati

Chennai Vegan Chandrakala special

To know more about the sweets, contact:

Article on Mumbai Vegans in DNA newspapper

These days many news papers are writing about vegan living in India. A very nice article written here by Joanna Lobo. Here is the link to read. The title is Veganism is no sacrifice! Very true!