Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vegan Butters

Picture showing Mango Butter in jar and Kokum Butter as a piece on side.
Recently I discovered two vegan butters in Indian market that I was not aware of.
1. Mango Butter. Although cosmetic industry has found many uses of this butter, this butter is edible. It is solid at room temperature. However it is not easy to procure and it is very expensive. Make sure it is for eating and not of cosmetic quality.
2. Kokum Butter: This is used in Konkan region in India. It is from the tree that gives Kokum fruits, also called as Garcinia Indica. It is often used as substitute for Cocoa butter. It is used again for dry skin & cracks in sole. However, I came to know that it is also edible. It is solid at room temperature. I use now this butter for my bread and Bhakri spread. It is easy to buy and much cheaper. It has good shelf life (one year).
The other vegan butters I make at home are Peanut butter, Cashew butter, Almond butter, Sesame butter, coconut butter and so on. Mashed Avocado can also be used as spread instead of butter at some places. There are also butters made from onions, carrots etc. And some are made from fruits called as fruit butters. They are apples & pears. I have to yet make and try them.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reversing Diabetes Workshop

Another very intense Reversing Diabetes workshop just got over in Mumbai. Participants were very eager to learn all about how to reverse their disease. They were asking very good questions about vegan diet and learnt many practical tips. Most inspiring was people sharing their story of reversal of diabetes. This means others also feel they can do it.Here are few pictures.
Listen what Dr. Nandita Says about vitamin B12 in this short video clip.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mumbai Vegans featured in newspaper Hindustan Times!

Mumbai Vegans are now getting attention of media! Here is the link to read the full article.
Congratulations! Many people have already read and called up to inquire about Vegan lifestyle. If you wish to know more, do contact us by email to know more about our meetings and other interactive sessions!