Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Angel goes vegan! Read a remarkable story of healing of a dog!

I have been vegan since around 3years and it has made a big difference to my health. However I never thought that this cruelty-free diet would change my dog's life too. Angel is my 7 and a half yea old golden retriever and this is a story about how it helped change her life for the better. When Angel was around 4 years old she was diagnosed with an enlarged heart condition. The doctors informed me that the heart was enlarged to a great extent and she used to get breathless and could not even climb one floor of stairs. She loved playing ball but could not chase it like she used to. I was asked to start her on a whole course of allopathic medicine which I did. A few months after her diagnosis I happened to attend the Peas vs. Pills workshop and there I spoke to Dr Nandita about Angel's condition. She advised me to make Angel vegan but I felt that since dogs are carnivorous animals, it would not be fair for her to give up meat. However I decided to stop all dairy products for her , especially ice-cream, her all time favourite food.  This helped her to a great extent as the heart stopped enlarging and during one check up her cardiologist felt that the size of the heart had even shrunk a little!
Then when she turned 7 she was diagnosed with a kidney problem. Her creatinine was 1.9 and the doctors said that I could cut down on meat as that would help reducing the creatinine to some extent. I did do that for a few months but it did not help at all and I was told to keep increasing her allopathic medicine. I then decided that some major changes needed to be made in her diet and decided to meet Dr. Rupa Shah. During our first meeting I realised that one cause of her kidney problem could be the allopathic medicine. We did some research and found out that one of the side effects of the drugs she was taking were kidney failure. From that day onwards I made Angel vegan. I began to give her small meals in a day along with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Along with Dr. Rupa's flower remedies, we slowly weaned her off all allopathic medication and after just 3 months of this new diet her creatinine dropped to 1.09! Angel enjoys her new diet and her new favourite foods are steamed sweet potato and red rice idlis. She is now able to run up a flight of stairs and chases the birds and of course her ball. Angel was also overweight by around 10 kilos just before she became vegan. She has now lost all that weight looks slim and trim. She also looks younger and behaves like a younger dog!
Now Angel is a healthy vegan dog and off all her medicines including the flower remedies that she took for awhile. What a transformation!
----------------- Rohini Fernandes, Animal Angel Foundation.
( Rohini Fernandes is a Mumbai Vegan!)