Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turmeric and Amba- Turmeric Pickle

I love this pickle.It is made of raw turmeric and raw Amba- Turmeric. In local language it is called Haldi and Amba-Haldi. Haldi is yellow in colour. Amba Haldi is white in colour. Both are underground vegetables. Turmeric is the famous yellow spice that we use a lot in Indian cooking as powder. In winter time, we get fresh, raw haldi and amba-haldi. I wash it thoroughly. Dry for a short time, like an hour. Then , I cut it into round pieces. You can cut into long shreds also.Then I add Lemon or lime juice and some salt. Now, I refrigerate this in a glass bottle. Refrigeration is not a must. After 3 days, the roots are softer and we can eat as pickle. It is very good to take in the beginning of meal. It is good for digestion, improves skin and purifies blood. Good as detox. Use whole winter while it is available fresh. Helpful in diabetes and those who may have higher cholesterol.

Aamla - Gooseberry Juice

Now in winter time, we get lots of Aamla. Also called as Aavala or Indian Gooseberry. It is very sour and very rich in Vitamin C. Botanical name is Phyllanthus emblica (syn. Emblica officinalis). I make juice of one Aamla Daily. It has anti-aging properties according to Ayurveda. Also useful in diabetes. Make use of this fruit optimum in the season. The famous chyavanprash preparation of Ayurveda is also made from Aamla.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Potluck Lunch Meeting 16th October 2011

Dear Friends,
Here are the pics of one of the most rocking potluck meets we had!!!!
There was tonnes of food (yummyy!), the perfect most amazing host ever Saroj Choudhury (dont have words to describe Saroj's generosity!!), all the fabulous vegans who wore white in solidarity with the animals who suffer everyday (we all rock!).
Highlights in food (in my opinion) were the masala milk (with abundance of kesar and dry fruits), almond & brown rice curd chaat and curd (superb)!!
Enjoy the visible camaraderie in the pics :)
Thanks & Regards

Vegan Diwali Sweets!

Vegan Bites.............Enjoy Diwali with vegan Sweets!
Vegan Bites .......taking orders for different kind of Ladoos for Diwali. If interested, please let us know.
Prices per kg. are as follows:
Peanut Ladoos - 350
Mixed Nut Ladoos - 350
Crushed Peanut Ladoos - 400
Coconut Ladoos - 400
Til Ladoos - 400

Vegan Bites
health meals & catering
+91 76665 86430

Monday, September 19, 2011

18th Sept Meeting

Listening to Dr. Nandita Shah....How changing to vegan diet has profound effect on body and mind...

Very inspiring and informative...and ofcourse yummy food.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Nature's sweetness at its best!

Coconut water Drink

Recently I got lot of coconuts in my city garden. They are all organic. I did give away many. A few I kept for myself. The water was so sweet! I made this very simple drink for myself this morning. It is coconut water plus the soft coconut meat ( also called as malai) . I blended in a mixture. Very very refreshing, naturallay sweet drink ready in just few minutes. No sugar added. No salt. No Permitted class 2 preservatives, addititves and no artificial colour and sweetner. Nature's factory is the best! Friends, pay attention to the mineral rich coconut water and enjoy good health!

Contributed by Dr.Rupa Shah

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Join Reversing Diabetes on Face Book

Here is the link for you to join Reversing Diabetes Group in Face Book. This group is open to all. Do join if you have diabetes, or are on your way to reverse the diabetes or you know some one who has diabetes and you want to help them....Lots of interesting information there for you to read and do ask questions...we will respond.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mumbai vegans spotted at Anti GM Food event

Note from Mumbai Vegan Saroj Choudhary who participated anti GM foods rally in Mumbai.
My experiance says-Vegan is not diet,Veagan is Peace diet.Peace starts from Plate,which from morning till night we keep consuming,and it empowers us with complete Clarity n Compassion towards all species.Eg-yesterday at August Kranti there was a March for Protest of GM seeds n Support to Farmers.I too participated n wearing a Poster of Brinjal-saying Save me from GM.Oh what a joy it was when I saw the farmers n have a complete Faith.GM seeds r out of our country.Thnx to Vegan,A Healthy Lifestyle.
Thanks Mumbai vegans...

Friday, August 5, 2011

31st July, Vegan Lunch

For those who missed the was a fully booked event. Though it was raining heavily, attendance was full. Film on Reversing Diabetes by Dr. Neal Barnard was shown followed by 'real' experiences sharing of diseases reversal of participants of previous workshop on 19th June.
Listening to their stories inspired others...we can do it too! A few questions and answers were attended by Dr. Rupa Shah & Peter Theobald. This was followed by tasty...vegan lunch...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mr. Vijay Joshi at HELP library

Mr. Vijay Joshi has reversed his he is talking to people about how to do the same....
Here is the video link of his entire talk at the HELP library.

Watch the entire talk and get reverse your diseases through healthy vegan diet!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Succesful workshop on Reversing Diabetes

Here are the pictures of the very successful workshop in Reversing Diabetes. Dr. Nandita Shah & Dr. Rupa Shah were talking and all the participants were listening to all the ' new ' information very eagerly. How can I reverse my diabetes? was the main question in their mind. Questions coming form the audience was showing the level of their interest. The low fat vegan food was so delicious that many of them told us that we can eat this food every day of our life! The interest in this workshop was so much that workshop was already full ahead of time, and we had to turn down more than 30 people, promising them to do one more workshop in Mumbai soon! The highlight of the workshop was, the past participants coming and sharing their experience of reversing their diabetes or are on the way. This has inspired many to now go ahead and do the same.....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mumbai Mirror article on Reversing Diabetes

Nowadays a lot of people tell me that ‘you have lost weight’. I tell them that I have lost weight but I have also lost my diabetes,” he laughs. This is what Mr. V. B. Joshi says in this article.....Here is the link.
Congratulation to Mr. V. B. Joshi...who is also a Mumbai vegan.

Next workshop is on 19th January, 2011. Book your place it is fast getting filled up.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Truth about leather industry in India!

Here is the link to watch the Peta film about how leather industry works in India! Therefore, do think about the pain an animal has to go through, and finally die so that leather jackets, belts, bags and gloves can be made from their skin! Choose vegan products....

Friday, April 15, 2011

101 chicks rescued

These 101 odd tiny tots... have been rescued by Suyog Kale and Shilpa Naik under JJ Flyover, Mumbai.... Its sad to see how they are crammed up in a single cage in this hot weather.. These chicks were being sold for Rs.5 each...
Later Ganesh and myself ( Rahul) from AMTM travelled more than 250 KM's go take them to a farm house of a friend where they are being taken care of.
Thank you.....

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mumbai Vegans in action at Farmer's Market

Mumbai Vegans were once again back at the Farmer's Market with all the goodies. Rithika's Green Stove Banana & Lemon cupcakes, Swati's Nan Khatai and Whole Wheat Jaggery Cookies, Saroj's Hot Masala Milk and Khusve ....all sold out by 1 PM. The atmosphere at Farmer's Market on Sunday Morning is very relaxed and people are very attentive to what is offered.There was very good response to all the vegan food and why's of vegan living? Vegan for health,Vegan for animals and vegan for environment....Congratulations to all the Mumbai Vegans for being there....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Snake rescue...

The snake was rescued from shimpoli village Borivali(w).
A passer by namely "bijal" stood by the snake so that the villagers doesnt hurt that snake untill I reach.
Finally it was rescued with the help of Santosh Shinde from SARRP.
It has some Injuries. So its getting treatment from Dr Sunetra Wadke. And will be released into the wild as soon he recovers from his Injuries.
Rahul says, 'My first snake rescue in Mumbai. Too much happy today'.

Mumbai Vegans also thank you for your kind work.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vegan Butters

Picture showing Mango Butter in jar and Kokum Butter as a piece on side.
Recently I discovered two vegan butters in Indian market that I was not aware of.
1. Mango Butter. Although cosmetic industry has found many uses of this butter, this butter is edible. It is solid at room temperature. However it is not easy to procure and it is very expensive. Make sure it is for eating and not of cosmetic quality.
2. Kokum Butter: This is used in Konkan region in India. It is from the tree that gives Kokum fruits, also called as Garcinia Indica. It is often used as substitute for Cocoa butter. It is used again for dry skin & cracks in sole. However, I came to know that it is also edible. It is solid at room temperature. I use now this butter for my bread and Bhakri spread. It is easy to buy and much cheaper. It has good shelf life (one year).
The other vegan butters I make at home are Peanut butter, Cashew butter, Almond butter, Sesame butter, coconut butter and so on. Mashed Avocado can also be used as spread instead of butter at some places. There are also butters made from onions, carrots etc. And some are made from fruits called as fruit butters. They are apples & pears. I have to yet make and try them.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reversing Diabetes Workshop

Another very intense Reversing Diabetes workshop just got over in Mumbai. Participants were very eager to learn all about how to reverse their disease. They were asking very good questions about vegan diet and learnt many practical tips. Most inspiring was people sharing their story of reversal of diabetes. This means others also feel they can do it.Here are few pictures.
Listen what Dr. Nandita Says about vitamin B12 in this short video clip.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mumbai Vegans featured in newspaper Hindustan Times!

Mumbai Vegans are now getting attention of media! Here is the link to read the full article.
Congratulations! Many people have already read and called up to inquire about Vegan lifestyle. If you wish to know more, do contact us by email to know more about our meetings and other interactive sessions!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Vegan Lunch Meeting 23Jan2011

Another very inspiring session with Dr. Nandita Shah & Dr. Rupa Shah in Mumbai. Many participants who have reversed or are in the process of reversing their diseases shared their experiences. It is a proof for those who also want to now make vegan choices for health. The food served was all vegan, dairy free and oil free. Very very tasty!