Friday, April 16, 2010

Seminar on Veganism in Navi Mumbai

Shashank from Kranti and his brother Prasoon from DIYA(Divine India Youth Association)
conducted a seminar on veganism where they showed short documentaries about the cruelty
going on behind the industrialized farming of animals like cows and chickens.
The venus was D.Y Patil medical college and it had an attendance of about 120 students.
Many students were so shocked , they couldnt believe that so much cruelty goes on behind just a moment
of sensory gratification while having meat or dairy.
Lots of eeekks and oooh and 'covering the eye' reactions were seen among the students.


  1. namaste,
    Awesome....I'm overjoyed to know about the existence of a vegan community in Mumbai. I'm a former Mumbaikar living in Cincinnati and a Vegan. Couple of years ago I'd a hard time finding a non-leather belt in Mumabi. Looks like things are improving. Would love to look you'll up the next time I visit Mumbai. Great work...keep it up.

    Joy Vyloppully

  2. Hi Joy

    Yeah the vegan community is not only growing in Mumbai but also Bangalore and other metros.
    If you want a list of vegan products and where they are available, here is a list we have compiled on our site :-

    cheers !

  3. Hi, I am vegan since the last two years and am reaping its benefits in terms of health too. Am so glad to see that the numbers of vegans in Mumbai is on the rise!!

    I still have to give up tea and coffee. My children are vegetarian and my husband is non-veg still!