Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vegan Butters

Picture showing Mango Butter in jar and Kokum Butter as a piece on side.
Recently I discovered two vegan butters in Indian market that I was not aware of.
1. Mango Butter. Although cosmetic industry has found many uses of this butter, this butter is edible. It is solid at room temperature. However it is not easy to procure and it is very expensive. Make sure it is for eating and not of cosmetic quality.
2. Kokum Butter: This is used in Konkan region in India. It is from the tree that gives Kokum fruits, also called as Garcinia Indica. It is often used as substitute for Cocoa butter. It is used again for dry skin & cracks in sole. However, I came to know that it is also edible. It is solid at room temperature. I use now this butter for my bread and Bhakri spread. It is easy to buy and much cheaper. It has good shelf life (one year).
The other vegan butters I make at home are Peanut butter, Cashew butter, Almond butter, Sesame butter, coconut butter and so on. Mashed Avocado can also be used as spread instead of butter at some places. There are also butters made from onions, carrots etc. And some are made from fruits called as fruit butters. They are apples & pears. I have to yet make and try them.


  1. Its really nice to hear indian vegan butters.But it really becomes difficult to purchase such products if other details like co's name,shop etc are not mentioned.

  2. Can you let me know where I can buy kokum butter from? I met the distributor of mango butter at one of Dr.Shah's workshop but did not dwell on it much as it was for cosmetic use. If you can please give me a contact to the distributor. Thanks! My email id is harini[at]tongueticklers[dot]com.

  3. Can you help me pls....i want to know where can i buy kokum butter and mango butter for cosmetic use in mumbai (or anywhere else in india)pls let me know at my email id

  4. can you let me know where can i purchase mango butter and kokum butters.

  5. Hi, can you tell me where i can get mango and kokum butter in Mumbai? My email is Sujatha.sens(@)gmail.thanks in advance for the information :)

  6. Namaste,
    Mumbai Vegans
    Mumbai, Maharastra, India.

    Please, can you let me know where can i purchase mango butter and kokum Mumbai (price/kg./pck).

    Ily Yangonwala

  7. can you let me know where can i purchase mango butter and kokum butters.