Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Succesful workshop on Reversing Diabetes

Here are the pictures of the very successful workshop in Reversing Diabetes. Dr. Nandita Shah & Dr. Rupa Shah were talking and all the participants were listening to all the ' new ' information very eagerly. How can I reverse my diabetes? was the main question in their mind. Questions coming form the audience was showing the level of their interest. The low fat vegan food was so delicious that many of them told us that we can eat this food every day of our life! The interest in this workshop was so much that workshop was already full ahead of time, and we had to turn down more than 30 people, promising them to do one more workshop in Mumbai soon! The highlight of the workshop was, the past participants coming and sharing their experience of reversing their diabetes or are on the way. This has inspired many to now go ahead and do the same.....

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