Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanks for the Super Party!

My thank you note for the vegan party on 16th November...First of all thank you Aruna Kapoor for opening your home and heart for such event, Samir Pasad for the super tasty vegan food, Peter Theobald, Rita Theobald for being there and answer so many questions, Saroj Choudhury for being so creative with yummy vegan recipes,  Ujwwaal Parek for helping us in selecting menu, registration, Monika Siriya and Chintan Vegan-Siriya for interacting with everyone, Kedar Tembe for your knowledge sharing on nutrition, fitness, Ashish C Mehta for being there as always inspiring many, Kajal Bhatia for her input on plant based nutrition, Jinal Rathod for chocolate balls info, Dulari Shah and Charul Shah for the cool vegan recipe which just disappeared in minutes ( Where else? into the mouths of restless, foodies!), Mona Gandhi for sharing her story on raw vegan journey, Anupam Katkar was so clear in communicating, very helpful sharing his knowledge, Hemali Gala , was mostly in the kitchen...getting all the tasty vegan food out for us to eat, Rohini Fernandes and Avinash Khater for being the judge for the best vegan recipes, Chidanand Hiremath I know you were there, was busy interacting with participants. And so many of you came later, were there having good time.Monicca Chopra, Sneha Poojary, Kalpana Mudaliar, Amit Mehta, Amla Patel, Ashish Madan, Ashish & Ujjla Manchanda,  Vasanth Ravula, Anil Narang.......Thank you everyone for being there. It was your presence, your kind hearts to share made this event beautiful. I learnt a lot from each of you when I heard you answering questions. It shows how clear you are in your mind and heart about being vegan! Folks...I have come home with greater inspiration!

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