Monday, October 5, 2009

Green For Life

I just finished reading this very inspiring book by Victoria Boutenko. She has written this book in a very simple English, very easy to understand. The book covers her journey to search for a healthy raw vegan diet that is very easy & tasty. She has written about chlorophyll, acid balance in the stomach, what is the diet of chimpanzee, what is missing in our diet, how to prepare green smoothies etc. The book is in our library. 'Green smoothie addicts', this is a must read! I have been personally very much benefit ted by drinking daily green smoothie daily. Victoria does not insist now on just raw diet, but more on the benefits of green smoothies in our diet. The book contains very inspiring testimonials also. It is a small book, you can finish in two days or so. But, you may take time to digest the info contained in the book!
Contributed by Rupa Shah

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  1. Hi Dr. Shah! Can you post for us which of the greens that we can get in the Indian market would be suitable to make green smoothies?