Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Green 'Red' Smoothie

Red Amaranthus or also called as Lal Bhaji.
Everything in Mixture

Green smoothie but in red colour. Nice taste. For a change, we got red colour drink instead of the usual green colour! Enjoy!
Rupa Shah.


  1. Dr. Rupa,

    Thank you for posting - I will try this! I have a question - in a IgG antibody food allergy test, I had an immune response to the grain form of amaranth, apparently meaning I am allergic to it to some degree. Do you think that it would be alright for me to consume the leaves of the plant, then? In any case, Kevin can drink the green/red smoothie!


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  3. There is nothing Vegan about this blog, it's only about vegetalian food and health improvement. I am very happy for you guys who won't become fat and won't get cholesterol by eating vegetalian food. Only, veganism is not a diet, it is about animal liberation, it takes its origin in the refusal of exloiting Nature and all living beings. But where are the animals in this blog? Forgotten and voiceless, as usual.

  4. I will appreciate if you can identify yourself, and send us your suggestions. You are welcome to participate in our meetings. we are a young vegan group, still learning as we go on the way. Thank you for your comment.