Friday, November 13, 2009

Puppy rescued from Mumbai roads

Meghna was just returning home from work in a rickshaw. At the signal, she saw something black moving on the side of the roads. Crows were eating something, black looking. She wondered what it was. The rickshaw went ahead. She asked Rickshaw driver, what it was? He said, crows were actually eating puppies who were just born. She was so shocked by this. She asked the Rickshaw driver to turn back and take her to the spot. There were probably three puppies. But of two , only body parts remained. The third one was also in the process of being eaten, with tail part already gone, bleeding, almost dead! She picked up this one and brought her home. She took her to the Vet doctor...full nurturing & tender loving care.... and puppy opened her eyes after many days! She was so tiny, fitted in Meghna's palms!

Now....the attachment is too is the picture! Puppy is alive, full of joy and life!

Meghna is a Mumbai Vegan who is very actively involved in helping organic farmers and making efforts to bring organic food to city dwellers.

Being Vegan means being sensitive to living beings who have the same right to live as us. Do not participate in any activities that hurts an animal.

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  1. How sweet! I am now reminded that I have to get to Meghna's cafe before I leave Mumbai...