Friday, January 29, 2010

Strawberries with cashew cream

I love strawberries.These days, we can buy them cheaper as it is the season. In Mumbai, we get from Mahabaleshwar. I love to eat it with cream. So, I made cream from cashews. Take about 12 cashews ( enough for 12 strawberries). No need to soak them. Just grind them fine, add very little water. You can add raw sugar or dates or any other natural sweetener. Now cut your strawberries and add them to this cashew cream. Guests at my home just love it! And they are so surprised to know that it is non-dairy cream, so tasty! Addictive!


  1. Lovely idea to make a cashew cream for strawberries. I love using cashew cream as a substitute for regular cream in curries etc.

  2. Hi! I am going to visit Mumbai next week with my family. Are there any vegan organic restaurants in Mumbai? Are there any Mumbai vegans who are running hotels or homestays?
    Thanks for sharing any information!
    You can mail me at hsuyueshan(at)

  3. There are no dedicated organic vegan restaurant in Mumbai yet. There are no hotels run by vegans or homestays yet. But you can eat many vegan dishes at various restaurants like dosa, Idli, chapati without ghee or butter, rice, dal( lentils) and veggies.