Monday, February 15, 2010

Potluck Lunch 14 Feb 2010

It was a valentine day lunch meeting for Mumbai Vegans. Surely, we should have some nice sweets! There was cake, fruit salad, Mung & Chana Daal kheer in coconut & almond milk,and rice kheer to satisfy our sweet tooth! Apart from that there were two new kinds of patties. One was Kand patties and other was Brinjal patties. Both were zero oil recipe...cannot believe it?? No oil and yet very crunchy, tasty! Poha salad was very nice as we were told by Lakshmi that poha were soaked in coconut milk! This time we let each person explain their recipe fully so that other can also learn. This was followed by lunch, screening of the film 'A delicate Balance'. This was followed by inspiring sharing and discussion about vegan diet, health, animal rights etc. Meetings are indeed best way to stay inspired....

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