Thursday, January 29, 2009

Animal Milk - do we need it?

We vegans don't drink any animal milk neither we use any milk products made from the same.
Yesterday, I was at a small gathering of women, talking to them about milk. Here are some of my thoughts. When a woman is pregnant, her doctor gives her all the instructions about what she should avoid in food and what should be her lifestyle. She is advised to stop smoking, avoid alcohol, eat healthy food and take allopathic medicines only after consulting doctor, or avoid all together. When a woman is lactating, and feeding her baby, again the same set of instructions. Her milk does carry all the antibiotics, hormones, etc. and her baby will get affected by that.
When a glass of animal milk is on our table, why don't we ask the same questions? Surely, this milk does carry ALL that the female buffalo or cow has eaten, or the hormones she is injected with or the antibiotics she is given.
I was a proud vegetarian earlier. I ate mostly organic. I mostly avoided all junk food, processed food. I got organic wheat directly from the farmer, got wheat flour made at home. I rarely ever took allopathic medicines in last 25 years. I used safer cosmetics. BUT, I completely missed the Animal Milk part in my life. Now that I have stopped, I am amazed at the changes that have taken place in me. Most people noticed, I have lost weight. I look more radiant on my face. I personally feel very energetic. I have less aches & pains. No more migraines. Body in general feels lighter. I feel mentally calm & peaceful. And all just stopping ALL animal milk products.
Milk that I took earlier, had exposed me to hormones, pesticides and the antibiotics which I consciously avoided all these years.
So, friends, watch out that glass of animal is not ALL that good, that we thought about it!
Here is the website and the link for those who wish to know more about animal milk and its bad effects on our health. This is by Mr. Robert Cohen.
There is a nice article you can read about 52 good reasons to abandon milk and dairy! Click here to read it!
Contributed by Dr. Rupa Shah

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