Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Veg Gratin

Veg Gratin recipe by Rajshree Malani
mix vegetables (carrot,capsicum,beans,peas,corn,baby corn,broccoli)
flour 1tbsp
soy milk 1/2 litre
salt, pepper, green chilly,vegan cheese sliced, tomatoes, coriander.
In a pan add veges and salt and bit water. Let it get cooked till done. Don't overcook. No water should be there. In another pan roast flour and then add milk. Stir continuously till little thick. Add veges, salt and pepper. Add chillies finely chopped. If too thick after mixing veges than add more soy milk. Then in a bake dish pour the mix and spread vegan cheese on top. Bake till cheese is brown at 175deg c. Garnish with slice tomatoes and coriander.
This recipe makes a healthy cholesterol free cheese which tastes amazingly like cheese. It needs to be made before hand as it takes 2 days to get the mature cheese.
* ½ cup wheat berries (wheat grains that have not been milled)
* 1 cup whole or broken raw cashews
* Salt, pepper and herbs to taste
METHOD:Wash the wheat berries and soak them in a jar in 1 cup drinking water. Leave this jar open for 24 hours in a cupboard or keep it lightly covered. In case of very cold temperatures it could be left a little longer. The water will turn a little yellowish or serum colored and will have a sweet fermented smell after 24 hours. (This is called Rejeuvelac and is supposed to be a very healthy drink, which you can make and drink everyday.) Pour this rejeuvelac into a glass. If desired another cup of water make be added to the wheat berries to produce more rejeuvelac after another 24 hours. It can be drunk or used to make still more cheese. After 2 such uses the wheat berries are usually thrown away.Grind the raw cashews to form a powder (it does not need to be absolutely fine) and then put this into a jar, which has at least twice the volume of the cashews. Pour Rejeuvelac over the cashews so that they are covered with it. There may be some extra rejeuvelac, which can be drunk or thrown away. The whole mixture will now ferment and grow so if the jar is too small it can overflow. Do not over the jar or cover lightly.After about 6 – 8 hours the cheese is ready. Add salt, pepper and herbs or other seasonings.Serve.

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