Friday, June 11, 2010

Organic Mangoes

This season, I am eating only organic mangoes. I got to taste Kesar, Alphanso, Ratna, Payri, Rajapuri..all these varieties. I believe in biodiversity. Organic mangoes taste very sweet. You feel very satisfied. In fact you will not like to eat any other mango which is fed with some chemical fertilisers or ripened with some chemical.
I ate mangoes as it is or as vegan milk shakes. Mango vegan milk shakes can be made either with cashews milk or almond milk or soy milk or of course coconut milk. You can even try combination of milks.
I also make smoothies with banana, papaya, mangoes and some greens like palak( spinach), tandaljo( amaranthus), mint, coriander leaves etc.
You can order some organic mangoes from Paresh Shah.His contact number is 9987035898.
I also got some dry mango chips from a healing center that is into raw food.
At home we also made many pickles from raw mangoes apart from making a raw mango drink every day!
If you got extra mangoes, just make juice, and freeze it with the seed( lets the colour remain original) to use later or freeze mango pieces to use in ice cream!

Being vegan, you enjoy much more eating all this healthy food.

Contributed by Rupa Shah


  1. Very Good quality Certified Organic Mangoes also available at at:
    GreenRev Agro Pvt Ltd
    311, Powai Plaza, Hiranandani Garden,
    Powai, Mumbai 400076.
    Tel: 9920944799 / 9920953114

    They even deliver at home. each mango is over 300 gms.

    Enjoy the King of Fruits!

  2. Certified Organic Alphonso Mangoes available from our farm at Gimhavane, Ratnagiri. Also Certified Organic Payaari mangoes also available. Please contact Seemantini on 9370 666 050 to order.

  3. We are from Chhattisgarh producer of organic Amrapalli, Dasheri, Beganpalli mangoes very sweet and real taste.
    You can contact for any querries or order to 098265 50123

  4. Anybody interested in Kesar Rajapuri and Alphonso organically grown and naturally ripened mangoes is most welcome to contact Mini 09821789177. Thanks.


  5. Love this information. Thank you :)