Monday, June 28, 2010

Reversing Diabetes Group Potluck Lunch

Some of the Mumbai vegans met on Sunday, 26th June to follow up with the Reversing Diabetes group, of those who returned from Bangalore. The meeting was organised by Ashit Sheth and his wife Rima at a very unusually beautiful place called as Shantivan. This park is right next to the famous Hanging Garden in south Mumbai. So, this time instead of taking pictures of food, I have taken more pictures of the park. The food was good, particularly the large size cake made by Dr. Nita Dharamsey. Everyone shared their reversal of diabetes story so far. They were very happy and inspired to go on now. We also took a short walk in the park which has many trees and herbs. Also an acupressure walk, hydrotherapy area and amphitheatre. The place was full of fresh air, quiet and greenery in the middle of concrete jungle! Thank you Ashit and Rima for the wonderful meeting.
A short video of a soothing natural water fall at the park.....

Contributed by Rupa Shah

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