Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nachani Sweet

Everyone was very surprised to see a very tasty sweet made from Nachani. Atul Sukhthankar brought this. He made this at home. Thanks for sharing the recipe here for all of us.

Here is the recipe for the "Nachani Sweet".

250 gms nachani (whole)
250 gms jaggery
half fresh coconut
half a cup of dry fruits, such as walnuts, cashew and almonds, cut into small bits.
2-3 cardamom
pinch of salt (optional)

Soak nachani in water for 6-7 hrs
Grind the soaked nachani in mixer.
Squeeze the nachani in a sieve after grinding
(Repeat grinding and squeezing the nachani 6-7 times, each time adding a little water to the nachani before grinding in the mixer. Allow the collected milk of nachani to settle down for an hour and a half for the milk and the water contents to separate.)
Drain the contents of water ( which is the transparent layer on the top)
Grind the coconut and cardamom in the mixer and squeeze, sieve the milk

Now add the sieved cardamom-flavoured coconut milk, jaggery, dry fruits and salt to the nachani milk and stir in a kadhai for all the ingredients to mix thoroughly. Also keep a plate or vessel ready in which you wish to pour the mixture. Oil this plate or vessel with some compressed oil etc, so that the ingredients do not stick once poured into it.
Keep the mixture on the stove, keep stirring till the mixture thickens
Pour the hot, thickened mixture in the oiled plate or vessel.
Quickly pat it in shape with a katori or plate oiled from outside.
Allow the mixture to cool in room temperature before stashing it in the fridge.
After cooling in fridge for an hour and half, cut the sweet in the shapes of your choice.
Eat it...and enjoy that blissful feeling!!

(N.B. Nachani is very cooling and, as such, ideal for consumption during summers. Nachani also has a high it has a high percentages of iron and calcium.)

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